Introducing M-Axis - Press Release

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Innovative Touch-Screen Systems

Developing Pre-Touch Off-Set Cursor and Pressure Controls.

LumiStream Tech has announced its completion of the design phase for three new patent-pending products made for touch-screen devices. As it makes its way into the development phase, the groundbreaking technology company is seeking investors to join the exciting venture.

“Our M-Axis system is designed to improve the function and precision of touch-screens on smart-phones, tablets, notebooks and other devices,” explains Andrew Jalali, Founder and CEO of LumiStream Tech. “These technologies can be used by the average consumer to browse the internet or make location selections on a map, but also implemented in more specialized applications such as technical, creative work, and data entry.”

The Pre-Touch Off-set Cursor System becomes visible as a finger approaches the touch-screen on devices with the M-Axis system. This cursor is what users see on the device and it’s what makes precise interaction possible. It comes in a number of designs, which can vary according to the application in use or even branded according to manufacturer.

The Pressure Simulation System uses the surface area of a finger on a touch-screen device to detect the level of pressure, and according to that precise input, manipulate digital objects or content, and navigate virtual 3D space.

All three systems are very user friendly and make touch-screen technology more enjoyable by preventing selection errors that are up to 20% on current devices, providing pre-touch feedback and greatly improving accuracy across a wide range of applications.

“Right now, LumiStream is looking to bring a few investors,” says Andrew Jalali. “As we enter the next phase, we are taking the M-Axis system to the mainstream manufacturing market and plan to develop our own touch-screen devices in the future”. LumiStream Tech has already generated significant interest from investors and the industry as a whole.

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