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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Introducing Touch-Screen System

Pre-touch Cursor Improves Accuracy On Smartphones, Tablets and Computers

LumiStream, an innovative technology company, has unveiled a cursor system that improves touch-screen devices.

By utilizing sensors to detect finger movement before contact is made, LumiStream has crafted a unique method for significant enhancement of interaction precision with touch-screen devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers and other sophisticated hardware.

When fingers are detected above the screen, an offset cursor appears to help users receive feedback on potential touches, thus enabling pinpoint accuracy. While hovering, users are able to see the cursor as a guide, showing the accuracy of their intended touch in real-time. Just before a touch starts, the cursor reduces in size and fades transparent, preventing obstruction and improving precision.

The pre-touch cursor system has a number of applications that streamline touch-screen interaction, including internet browsing. The system can also be used in other capacities, including digital art and technical applications, thus preventing error rates that are up to 20 percent more likely with current touch-screen systems. Users could have the cursor enabled by default, or activate it through their device’s settings.

"Our intent was to help touch-screen device users see their potential touches before making them and reduce the number of errors that can result due to obstruction, finger movement or interacting in applications with many links," said a LumiStream representative. "By designing a unique off-set cursor system for touch-screen devices, we’re making it easier for users to interact with the intended location every time."

System will be used in LumiStream’s future devices and licensed to touch-screen device manufacturers.

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